No! It's not rocket science!

Make your communication secure in minutes, not in weeks.

What can SecMQ do for me?

Do you use MQTT or other message protocols? Are you afraid of privacy of your data? Do you want to avoid Man-in-the-Middle attacks and be sure about the delivery of your messages?
SecMQ can solve many of your problems with our libraries and our transparent message broker.


We use only most advanced protocols and software and we prefer Open Standard and Open Source solutions.
(Message Queue Telemetry Transport) - the standard lightweight communication protocol for the modern IoT solutions.
JSON ( JavaScript Object Notation) - all messages shared are encoded using the JSON standard.

Supported platforms

SecMQ is platform agnostic, choose your favorite platform and we will make the magic.
Examples are provided for Arduino/ESP8266/ESP32/TI CC3200  Launchpad and others embedded platforms.
SecMQ is based on Node-RED, Mosquitto and many others Open Source software. You don't need to trust us, you can verify that we didn't add malicious code to our systems.


For embedded boards we show how to use the XXTEA crypto library in order to encode and decode messages.
In order to sign messages we use the primitives provided by the GnuPG tools collection.
The time-stamping of messages is made using the powerful OpenTimestamps protocol (working on bitcoin blockchain).

ESP8266/ESP32 integration

Some examples that shows how to send and receive message from the SecMQ broker.

Node-RED integration


Start work with SecMQ:

Write an email at info(at)
Waiting for the response email with your account ID and password
Clone an example code from GitHub and insert your account ID and password
Use the queue "secmq/account ID/client ID/board ID/queue/in" for send messages to the broker
Use the queue "secmq/account ID/client ID/board ID/queue/out" for receiving the messages signed and timestamped from the broker.

SecMQ is growing! We want your opinions and feedback!